Monday, October 10, 2011

AG My PB&J Weekend in Seoul

So last Wednesday I was starving after Taekwondo practice and decided to buy way too much bread, peanut butter, and jelly. So Friday came and it was decided that Monica and I were going to use all of it to makes as many sandwiches as we could for our trip to Seoul, and so the PB&J Seoul weekend began.

1. Get a piece of bread
Who needs beds when you got tents!
Photo by Sara
We got up at 6:30 Saturday morning to make the 8am bus, we arrive at the bus terminal to find a more expensive yet classier bus was leaving right then at 7:20. We hopped on and off we went! 3 hours and a sandwich or two later we get to Seoul, do a little shopping and then hopped on the subway to Hongdae University. A popping college town that we stayed at during our last trip to Seoul. We find our hostel easily (YAY my new smart phone!) only to find that the tents we booked (yes we booked tents) were a long twisted walk away from the original hostel to a new one, closer to the party scene and on the roof of a 4 story building. Awesome. Now it was time to go find people!

Photos by Monica

2. My favorite part! Apply the Jelly.
Short People Only!
Back on the subway and we are off to Changdeokgung Palace to meet up with my favorite couple in Korea Kat & Matt. Of course on the way Monica and I manged to consume the last of the PB&Js, I could do with not eating one for a long while. Anyways, the reunion was lovely and we got to explore the palace (which honestly looks exactly like all the other palaces in Korea but you didn't hear that from me). Monica split her pants while trying to do a jumping splits and then proceeded to sneak in a room that had a cleaning lady to change into my spare shorts, all with the doors wide open, lucky no one but us and the cleaning lady was around. classic. Then explored the surrounding town and headed back to Hongdae taking the couple with us.
At Hongdae we take a quick nap, figure out sleeping arrangements (those tents are meant to be singles, we made them doubles), are joined by Sara and Anthony, For dinner we find a tiny hole in the wall...wait for it... MEXICAN RESTAURANT!! Ahhhhhhhhh! It's called Bella Torilla and the guacamole was to die for! Afterwards we meet up with David, Jack and Benji!!! A delightful reunion especially because Benji gave Dave and Jack a fashion make over, I'll admit it, I did double takes on both of them ;).
White Russians & Dr. Peppers = Classy
After that things start to get hazzy, the crew was finally put back together and therefore drinking needed to occur. Don't worry parents and older loved ones, we are safe about our drinking and no one got into any trouble or even threw up (to my knowledge) that night. We started off in a park listening to live music drinking whatever was purchased at the local convince store (drinking in public is totally legal in Korea). Then we moved to a bar, met up with another friend Nate, and drank a mixed drink called Dr. Pepper. I don't know what's in it, all I know is it involved a shot lit on fire poured into beer and it tasted like DP. And then headed to our usual club Ska (foreigners get in free) partaking in the usual club shenanigans with much dancing involved. Two more bars after the club and around 4am Monica, Sara, and I stumbled back to our cozy tents to sleep it off.

3. Then the Peanut Butter
Asian pose!
We woke up to find the couple gone and a line for the shower. Great. We got ready and met up with the guys again for an over priced lunch at TGI Fridays where we got charged tax AND tip (not done here). Sucky. Then fair-well's to the boys, our sadness was only cured by randomly finding a HELLO KITTY CAFE! I nearly hyperventilated.  I didn't even care that it was waaay too pink for my taste, EVERYTHING was Hello Kitty! The hot chocolates we ordered even had Hello Kitty faces powdered on the top. You really should be jealous.
Photo by Sara
Then we headed out to Iteawon to find the major shopping area. Well we got lost and I was starving so I found a tent roasting a whole pig and I figured tent = cheap and that pork is giving me hunger pains. We ordered two dishes of the pork and it was fantastically yummy. We also ordered some Makoli (a sweet alcoholic korean drink) and had a good dinner. Then the bill came and I nearly died, $30 for one serving of pork. I was floored and felt extremely bad for leading the group to this expensive trap. Lesson learned. How do we feel better? We found the street we were looking for and went SHOPPING! Then headed back to Hongdae to go partying but once we got their the girls and I realized we were too tired. So we let the boys (we picked up Nate andnthony) go out and we continued our shopping. Bought a bunch of stuff including sparklers which we ended the night with. 

4. Finally the last piece of bread
Photo by Sara
We woke up at noon by the guy running the hostel, it's time to leave. Had an epic breakfast where everyone got waffles except me because I wanted a veggie sandwich (yeah, I'm kinda a rebel like that). We say goodbye to Anthony then head out to the Woman's College for some last minute shopping before we caught our bus home (Why did we shop so much?!?!). I am approached by an Agima in the subway and although she spoke no English she demanded a light show (I was playing with my new glove). Little interactions like this is my favorite part of travel! We then ate more waffles and then got lost trying to find the bus station home. Monica and I made our bus by 5 minutes then proceeded to pass out for most the ride. 

A Great PB&J Trip! (^_^)


  1. Hi just want to know which hostel did u stay at in Hongdae, and would you recommend booking a tent?
    Never seen that before so it seems to be an interesting choice~

    It's close to everything and a good price. It's the one I usually stay in in Hongdae. :D