Monday, September 5, 2011

I am not the brightest

Today was my first day riding the bus to school (my mentor teacher drove me for my first day of teaching). The 10:50 bus didn't make it until 11:15. (Is this normal in Korea?) The old man waiting with me was huffing and checking the time on his cell phone the whole time. I... looked at my watch. I really need a cell phone.

Anyway, the bus ride was pleasant. Up until the part where I figured out I had gotten on the wrong bus. So, I make it to a town that clearly is not on the way to my school, and realize what a dunce I am. The bus driver doesn't speak English, but he tries to help. Then, an elderly gentleman with excellent English happens by the open door of the bus. This man is a saint. He randomly came across me asking someone else for help, and spends the next 2o minutes helping me track down someone who knew where HakSung is, and how to get there affordably (he insisted the taxi ride was too expensive). Even the random, non-English speakers were happy to try to help in whatever way they could. Rural Korea is full of nice people, if not much English.

Eventually, my short term best friend departed, satisfied that I could find my way to Haksung. After he left, I decided to take a cab; I was going to be very late without it. I set out to be 2 hours early, and between a late bus and a dumb me, ended up 20 minutes late. It only meant I missed lunch, but still... I'm hungry...

I really, really need a cell phone.


  1. haha good thing you left really early. now you know for the next time :)

  2. This was one of my biggest fears the first two days of riding the bus! I'm glad you made it out ok!

  3. This whole time I was reading as Ashley haha. Specify next time please? ^__^

  4. Yeah I need to figure out a classy way to differentiate our posts. Suggestions are always welcome.