Saturday, September 3, 2011

Seoul Day Trip: Watching “Hero” & Exploring Town

Awhile ago on a Friday, the entire TaLK program piled into our buses and went on a day trip to Seoul. Sleep deprived, hung over, and with no clue what was going on we are dropped off at a theater promoting a show called Hero with the picture to the left.
What would you think this was about? I thought it was going to be a really bad comedy show and therefore I wasn’t excited at all. I could not begin so tell you how wrong I was, it was AMAZING! Think Blue Man Group who are dressed up like crazy Charlie Chaplen painters and specialize in creating 2D art right before your eyes. I don’t think they ever spoke so language wasn’t an issue and comedy doesn’t need language anyway! So after maybe an hour of dancing and painting (examples of the art below) they start walking through the audience looking for some one to pick on, and they finally decide on my co-blogger David! I could of died with excitement! Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures of the show until the very end so I got no visual documentation of this but let me just say David is a great sport! They made him do funny dance moves and play ridiculous games at his expense, and he went along with it making everything that much funnier. Good job David!
After the performance we headed down to the center of Seoul to Gyeongbokgung Palace and the shopping district near it. My friend Monica and I had fun exploring the different sections of the mostly outdoor palace and even stumbled across a cultural museum! After exploring we decided to do some shopping and I found a used clothes stale and the most adorable bandanna shirt (is that what they are called?) for only 5,000 won (about $5)! And the sales man actually put the shirt on himself, after that I HAD to buy it! So I have my new shirt and I go to pick up my extremely heavy purse but then the salesman pushes a whinny the pooh backpack purse at me. I tried saying "no thank you" in Korean but he insisted. Finally Monica and I figured out he was dashing me the bag because my purse was soo heavy. (Dashing is a Ghanaian term used to describe the act of a sales person giving you something for free) This is unheard of in Korea but Monica managed to get a pair of shorts dashed to her a week or so later. I guess we are just two lucky girls!
After this we headed back to our then home in Jochiwon. We had the option to stay in Seoul and party it up but everyone was running out of money and catching up on sleep sounded too good. It was a great day though!
See how this MJ piece is broken up into 4 tiles? Each was done separately by a different person and we had no idea what it was until they put it together.

I had to, its our white tiger! :D
The performers and two more piece of work. they were soo awesome!


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