Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Muju, Jeollabuk-do

(written a few hours after the last post)

AHHH! Just got back from an epic dance party! But more of that later.

So I was feeling very melancholy earlier today when I wrote the last blog post but then we got HERE! …wow. Muju is on Mt. Deokyu which is one of four national parks in Jeonbuk (the short name for my province) and is an absolute wonder! There is a river that runs through and everything is so green and lush. When we got some time to explore today we found what looked like army training equipment. Monica and I had some good laughs trying to figure out how to get through them. After some free time and a short welcoming ceremony it was natural soap making time! Which is perfect because I’m going to run out of soap soon and what’s better then all natural and made by yours truly?

Also, our accommodations are nothing like anything I have seen before. We are sleeping on the floor and the room is cut in half horizontally with other people sleeping on the upper floor as well. I’m not use to this whole sleeping on the floor business and it’s pretty hard to get comfy. Also we are using traditional pillows with are long and hard as well. Ah the cultural norms I shall have to get use too.

Back to the day’s events, dinner was superb! After three weeks of lousy cafeteria food I enjoyed the best Binbinbap I have had yet. Then our schedules said we had a campfire with a “special activity.” :D! So we go out to the campfire and see this elaborate sound system set up outside complete with spunky non-English speaking MC. Even without the common language (although people did help translate when we really didn’t understand) we had a blast learning games and having mini random competitions. After some games they lit the bon fire and had us hold hands in a circle around it. Now I know what you are thinking, “Finally! Ashley is going to admit to participating in ritual sacrifice!” Well I was hoping for the same thing but I got something better. Fire and Moon lit DANCE! The MC taught us a simple dance that we first did together and then kept splitting up in random groups to do it, then free styling, then soloing, then getting in trains, etc. SO MUCH FUN! No alcohol necessary, even the shyest of the group had to shake what their momma gave them multiple times.

I’ve come back from this experience pumped and ready to take on whatever else Korea wants to give me! ^_^V


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