Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End of Orientation 8.24.11

I’m on the bus leaving Jechiwon heading to my province orientation and I am trying to decipher a mixture of emotions. Orientation was a crazy fun packed three weeks where sleeping and doing nothing was never really an option. (Note: This is why I haven’t been blogging as much, I promise to catch up soon!) It was here I made friends from all over the world, drinking, exploring, falling asleep in class together, sharing lesson plans and our worries about the future. So now, very soon after I had to say goodbye to my loved ones back home, I just said goodbye to many people I consider my family/my crew here. I want to express my love and loss but then logic kicks in, “you barely know these people, it has only been three weeks.” What’s the socially appropriate thing to do?

::FML! The song Miss You by Aaliyah just came on, ripe out my heart why don’t you itunes! -_-*::

I do this a lot. Go to a new place, get attached to new people, then run off again. My poor friends and family in LA must hate me for it, I never stay for long. The loneliness that accompanies this life style sucks but the experiences, the stories and the people themselves are well worth it. Although I am very sad leaving people behind I know that next time I’m in their town, not only will there be a joyful reunion, I will have a place to crash and a local to show me around. This leads to more new experiences and people which leads to an even more interesting life.

So to all of those I love that I have physically left behind, no matter where I am you have a place to crash and an adventure buddy!

Shout out to my co-blogger David! It sucks we are going to different provinces. We better meet up for some adventures soon and keep blogging!


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