Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to Play Hoola Game (with Thank You's)

Always teaching out of the book gets boring and so I created this project for two of my classes to work on for the past few days. What they had to do was teach me a Korean card game and then write out the rules to the card game. Now here is the test. I would like you (my readers) to try and play the card game with my student's rules. Can you do it? 

Hoola game

1.   Deal 7 cards each person.
2.   Someone who has a ‘7’ or least a 3 card straight or a 3 of kind can register
3.   Everyone must register before they can put down non-trashed cards.
4.   First person(winner of the last game) must pick up a card and trash one of their cards but can’t register during their first term.
5.   If someone can register with the trashed card this is called “thank you”
6.  Any player can say “thank you.” Once a player says “thank you” they must take top card from the trashed deck and use this card to register then they can play any other cards. Once they have completed their turn they then trash one card. The player to their left goes next.
7.   If a player doesn’t need a card from the trashed deck, take one card from the main deck
8.  They can either try to register (if they haven’t ready) or play more cards (if they are already registered).
a.  If they have registered, they can play on other player’s registered cards by continuing the pattern. When they can’t play anymore they will finish their turn by trashing one card.
9.  The player to their left goes next.
10.The player wins by getting rid of all their cards.


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  1. You have most of it right, but i feel like register is a weird word, you should use something like set, like you must make a set of certain cards in a row, or in the same suit. This was a very good descriptive article.