Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving in Korea

When you choose a life of adventures no on tells you how lonely it can be. This is my second Thanksgiving away from home and my first without any loved ones. I didn't think it would be this hard to deal with. On Wednesday I just figured Thanksgiving would be a day like any other but where I talk to my students about the holiday. I think that's what got me. I spent all day explaining to my students how its a day to spend with your loved ones telling them how thankful you are that they are in your life. So when I came home to my empty apartment it was suppressed heart break. I'm too young to have spent Thanksgiving alone but then I'm too young to be doing most of the things I'm doing so MERRRR. Take in the good with the bad and live as well as you can.

ON TO HAPPIER THINGS! I love my students. I took my morning class out for Thanksgiving Breakfast where I gave my Thanksgiving lecture over some wonderful pork, potato, kimchi stew and explained what it meant to be thankful. Afterwards they took me to Starbucks, I think to remind me of home.

During my Pre-Intermediate class I lamented on how hard it was to get turkey in South Korea and how I missed its wonderful taste. So after class two of the older students took me out for "turkey" or traditional style Korean chicken. It wasn't real turkey but the thought was sweet and the food was wonderful.

And what homework did I give all my adult students? Think about what makes you happy and tell those who do so. Not enough people tell each other that, we say "I love you" enough but what about  "You make me happy?"

So your homework assignment for today is the same. Well that and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. <3


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