Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Young Gun, Intro

  Hello world. Nice to be sharing thoughts with ya 'll. I am called Young Gun and I have been introduced to this blog by my beloved friend Ashley. As this was a blog about thoughts and experiences living in South Korea, I vouched myself to share my relatively dense experiences about what it is like to be living in South Korea as a native Korean who barely left the country.
   I have been hearing by my friends that I don't entirely think like a natural Korean. But rather, highly influenced by western cultures, so as the way how my second language came to be. So there shouldn't be too much cultural differences for a barrier as I write things down here. There is, however, an issue I should ask you to pardon me about my grammar. I didn't exactly picked up this language from school.
   I'm not big on talking about myself too much, so I'll skip rest of the boring detail. But I'm sure I'll be writing something more soon.

   I hope you all well.

Image : Young Gun and Ashley



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