Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hoola Card Game (No Thank Yous)

This was a class project for my adult students. Can you learn house to play this Korean card game from their instructions?

HOOLA card game
1. Start with 3 to 5 players. Please deal each person 7 cards clock-wise.
2. Place the rest of the deck in the middle and play the top card face up next to the deck. This is now the trash deck.
3. The winner of last game starts. You pick up one card from trash or main deck.
If you pick up the trash card, you have to register with it.
How to Register:
·        A triple (3 of a kind)
·         3 or more card straight
·         A seven card- can be registered alone or in the same ways as above.
4. If you don't register trash one card or when you are finished registering also trash one card.
5.  The next player (the person to the left) has the same option as the first player.
6.  After you have registered you may attach more cards to other people’s registered cards.
How to Attach:
·       Once you're registered you can play cards on other people’s registered cards. You can continue the straight or create a four of a kind by attaching the correct cards from your hand.
·       When attaching to a seven treat the seven like a straight, first adding a 6 or 8 of the same suit.
How to Win:
1. Play all your cards until you have none
2. Stop:  A player can say "STOP" anytime during their turn. When this happens every player lays down their cards and add them together.
       Jacks=11, Queens=12, Kings=13 & Aces=1
The person with the lowest sum wins the game.
3. Hoola: A player can say “Hoola” under 3 different circumstances.
          a. All 7 cards’ sum is lower than 15
          b. All 7 cards’ sum is higher than 80
          c. You can play all 7 cards in one turn (but must register at the beginning of the turn)


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