Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fourth of July Abroad Edition: Having Good Ole American Fun (the Korean Way)

When holidays roll around, it can seem a bit lonely for the waygooks out yonder away from family and homeland. However, with a great foreign community here in South Korea, there's lots of pick-me-ups we can celebrate. And what a better time to enjoy the best of Korea than on America's Independence day?

In just a few weeks we celebrate the start of the United States, and really, Korea is a great place to celebrate it. Think about it! Barbecue, alcohol, beaches, and yes, we're thinking the same thing: fireworks!

So take out a pen and take down some notes. Here are a few suggestions to get your Independence Day rolling.

Option 1: Have a barbecue

Look at those delicious hotdogs, calling your name. Grab a grill and make it your own! Photo by Steven Depolo (CC 2.0)
Head to your favorite Samgyeopsal place and order at least 500 grams of delicious meat, otherwise it's just another night. Wear your American finest of red, white, and blue, and dine on the best Korea has to offer, and get a couple of those flavored soju bottles while you're at it to make it a real party (yellow is the best, and don't bother with red unless you like the taste of medicine).

Option 2: Movie Night

There are tons of American classics that can get your blue blood revved up. "Independence Day," anyone? Or how about "My Date with the President's Daughter" for another classic film. Photo by Janet (CC by-NC 2.0)
An oldie but a goodie. Get your friends together and split a huge cheap case of Korean beer and opt for a movie night. You can dress in themes for the movie, or come as your favorite American cinematic character (personal recommendation: come with an axe and shout, "Here's Johnny!" as your friend opens their door. They'll laugh then they stop crying). You can even go full patriot and watch both Captain America films, and if staring at Chris Evans for 5 hours isn't celebrating the best America has to offer, then apparently I'm Canadian.

Option 3: Get to the beach
The beach never fails. Head to Busan and enjoy the beach and nightlife for the summer holiday. Hurry, these guys are already ahead of you! Photo by Sarah J Black
Remember how fireworks are legal in South Korea? Make use of it by heading to the beach with your pals and spending a cheap 10,000W for several fireworks you can all set off together. Bring food to make it a potluck and sing "America the Beautiful" as you watch the beautiful gunpowder turn to sparkles above you.

And there you have it, make use of your time away from home to celebrate it all the more. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say. Enjoy the holiday, and to all ye who plan to celebrate the day, have fun!


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