Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Visiting Home: My Thoughts on Los Angeles

I love my city. I mean truly. A lot of people bitch about LA saying the traffic is bad and everything is too far away (which is true) but there is such color and such depth to my city that is making my heart want to burst right now.

First of all you can get anything you can imagine in LA. Seriously, if high end shopping and multi-million dollar mansions owned by movie stars are your thing, we got it. What about Academia? We have some of the top colleges and research institutes in the world. Culture? WHICH ONE?! I swear we have every ethnicity/subsocial group and its food, languages, people living side by side. Are you a hippy/druggy/ganster/counter-culture participant? We have drugs, gangs, shootings, houses with bars on the windows and graffiti on the side. Shoot I'm pretty sure I could find a golden toilet somewhere around here if I looked hard enough. LA is not perfect, yet it has it all. I'm not sheltered from the glam or the violence or anything else that introduces me to a new way of thinking or perceiving.

Speaking of perceiving, I live in the city that is the capital of making people forget their realities (if only for a little while). That's right, I passed the Hollywood sign yesterday, live less than a block away from Sony Studios and went to Universal Studios today.  I was on TV when I was 7 and have been behind the scenes of countless TV & movie filmings. At the studios today I came to the realization that my friends and I grew up not only understanding that we are being tricked when watching videos but exactly how it happens and then recreating it ourselves. I am from the city that literally creates realities every day, how cool is that?

I've missed all this so much. Being home is such a great feeling but the counter-culture shock is seeping in. I am starting to lose some of my sense of being from here. I'm seeing people I haven't in years and wondering how we got so old and who they really are now. I'm having trouble understanding tax & tip, wearing shoes in the house or why bars close so early (2am). I find myself speaking Korean or performing Korean customs as force of habit.

It's all weird, but I'm loving every minute of it! <3

Did I mention you can go surfing AND snow boarding in the SAME DAY in LA? Because you can :D



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