Sunday, December 30, 2012

Living Between Worlds

I'm back home, in my bed.

Wait what? For most people this statement is easy to understand. They only have one home, and one bed. When I say it it's just confusing. Are you in LA? Surrounded by loved ones and family, living off a multitude of different kinds of food. Or are you back in Korea? In your own apartment on top of the tower on the hill, living off of yummy kimchi and snow.

Wherever I am I have issues contemplating my realities other then the one I'm in. In LA my reality is there and trying to contemplate my life in Korea (even though it's where I spend a majority of my time) is difficult. I go back into the Cali mind set and when people ask about Korea I look at them blankly. How do I explain this alternate reality when, as of right now, I dont understand it myself?!

And now. I'm in a bed under three comforters, pretty much fully dressed and its snowing outside. I have been in Korea for only 16 hours and half of that was sleeping but I can already feel LA slipping away. My loved ones will live their lives predominately without me, and the same goes for me to them. People become text or facebook profiles, emails you send on occasion. They are no longer warm bodies you can cuddle up to or fierce hugs you can hold on to.

I live my life like it's a Hollywood movie. I go on adventures, fall in and out of love, have mind altering/emotionally profound experiences, meet wonderful people while traveling the world. It's awesome. It's lonely. But at least it's never boring.

It's good to be home. <3


  1. so sad I missed you. Perhaps one day we will see each other in the material world again.


    1. Perhaps? Psssh. I will be seeing you, it just might take awhile. <3