Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Why I Love My Job

I've started the last session for my contract with the University and I was asked to resign. I had a meeting with my boss and Head Teacher and going into it I was nervous.

I do not have a traditional teaching style, I'm too informal and too close to my students. I play too much. Oh god they aren't going to give me another chance! 
The ladies of the office

I have come to the conclusion that I'm retarded. They love me! Obviously I'm not perfect and still have some growing to do but they are proud of me! Proud of my growth and happy to keep me on. I left the meeting beaming. Then back in the office I chatted up my co-workers and I really do click in here. Yeah, I'm extremely young but I'm not treated differently because of it. Work environment is important and I'm so glad I have a good one.

My student's really are my pride and joy. Watching them grow in both their English skills and their lives brings me so much happiness. Yeah sometimes I want to dropkick the kids (especially in the first 6 months when I had no idea what I was doing), and yeah my adults can be too shy which is frustrating; but in the end I almost always find redeeming value in them. I get so lost in teaching, especially my little ones and when I'm feeling down I just make them sing for me and everything is better for that short while.

That's right, I make my students sing about Batman and Hulk. I tell myself its for them but really it's for my own amusement.

Drinking with my Intermediate class at the end of my first session  with the job.  I can't believe a year has gone by so fast!

My older all girls class. They are adorable. 

Them again during a snack party!

My favourite adult high beginner class at the cafe. 

My littlest being super heroes (complete with theme songs)
And now? My beginner class of house wives asked me to teach them Club dancing this Friday. THEY asked ME! Have I mentioned I love my job? Because I really do. <3


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