Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Medical Check Ups

So last Friday all the TaLKies were required to do a medical check up in order to be eligible to stay with the program. We were required to fast from 9pm the night before until we completed the process. -__-* So automatically the day didn't start off well. We get to our appointments, fill out some paperwork, pee in a cup, you know the usual and then head down to the main medical room.

While waiting in line for all the tests I see people coming away from getting their blood drawn looking miserable. Now if you don't know me I'm BLOODY TERRIFIED of needles. Seriously, I cry. So knowing about the blood test and seeing people have negative reactions to it was not making me feel better.

But first! the other tests, they checked my height, weight, eyesight (even with my glasses is very poor) and then right before the hearing test the power goes out! YAY NO BLOOD TEST!! ...wrong! I skip the hearing (requires electricity) to the teeth (???) and overall health exam? (she just looked over my paperwork and told me to stay healthy). Then the moment I had been dreading, it was time to get my blood drawn.

They hand me two tubes and told me to get in line, by this point I'm hyperventilating. When I sit down the nurse was just waving the needle around like it was nothing I thought I was going to be sick. I must of looked terrified because some random Korean woman came up to me and said everything was going to be ok. Well I got through it, and random Korean woman gave me a hug. I DIDN'T CRY! but after the fasting plus the blood loss I wasn't feeling well either.

Last but not least was the chest x-ray, they made us take off all our jewelry and clothes on the upper half of our bodies and dress in really hot robes. While waiting inline the guy with all the food and drink that we get after the x-way was just chilling there in front of us, unintentionally taunting us with his sweets we couldn't yet have. What could be worse? The power goes out AGAIN! By this point I was really feeling faint and I'm not sure how long we were waiting for but it was along time. Finally, with no warning, the power comes back on officially (it tried to come back a few times) and we can finally have our chests x-rayed which involved hugging an x-ray. Best. Hug. Ever. I WAS DONE!

Sadly something went wrong with when my blood was taken and I have a nasty bruise on my arm... I look like a druggie. D:



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