Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back in America!

So I'm currently home in Southern California for a two week visit before having to go back to the cold and ice of Korea. May I first start off that it's lovely to be WARM again, and of course see my friends and family.

It's weird being back in a place that is totally familiar but is no longer home. What I find very interesting about this experience is the traditions and habits that I fall back into as soon as I get here. For example, Every time I come home from abroad my mom meets me at the airport with a box of Tito's Tacos all meat burrito and a mass amount of their yummy salsa. We go home, then spend the next few hours eating and chatting like little girls. Take an hour personal break. Matt (my stepfather) comes home and we reunite, chat and have dinner. After dinner all my local homies meet up at my friend Jeremy's house and we hang out and play Rock Band. I leave with my girls "The Classy Dames" and depending on how tired I am we go drinking or they take me home.

This happened even when I came home from college (except minus the airport part). And this is not the only routine I get caught up in here, bar hoping with The Classy Dames (three girls that I was best friends with each while in high school and when I moved away they all became besties) has a similar play by play which always involves making me super girly then dancing the night away.

Today is Mother/Daughter day which has it's own routine of empanadas for breakfast, hair cuts from the beauty school, and one of my favorite restaurants for lunch.
These are two of my four parents, I'm about to hope on a plane to Las Vegas to see the other two momentarily.

It's soo nice to be home! <3



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