Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Korean Family

Today I spent the day with my Korean Family. They hosted my mother when she visited Korea about a year ago and since I've been here, have adopted me as their own. Every time I spend time with them I feel happier and healthier, these parents really know what they are doing and spending time with such a happy, well balanced family is a real treat.

The parents and their youngest son picked me up this morning which is very sweet because they live in the next city over. They got a new dog and we played with her on the way home. Back at their place we just chilled in each other's company. Different family members would take turns talking to me/practicing their English and helping me learn Korean. We talked about their kids (they have two boys and a girl), my new job and the differences between American and Korean culture. In the midst of such a relaxing atmosphere the mother cooked lunch; meals with the family are always very large and very healthy, a stark contrast to the tiny horrible meals I tend to make for myself. In the afternoon the four of us went to the movies together and see the Avengers, the father, youngest son and I all share a love for action movies and this movie did not disappoint.

After the movie we met up with the oldest son and middle daughter for dinner, a large and tasty traditional Korean meal at the family's favorite restaurant. Whenever we go out I am treated like one of their children and even introduced to friends as a daughter. Living so far away from anything that resembles a family this is such a nice feeling for me, I am not treated differently because I'm American, I am part of the family. I even go on errands with the daughter to buy medicine and underwear after dinner, we gossip and giggle, talk about boys and clothes. I don't have any siblings so I don't know what it's like but I figure it's kinda like this. Wow. Even at the end of the night they drive me all the way back home (even though I tried to insist on being taken to the bus terminal) and give me a jar of their homemade strawberry jam. When we got to my apartment they got out of the car to give me a hug and made sure I got into my apartment safely.

Exactly what my real parents would do.

I can't express how amazing this feels and I have to admit I am a truly fortunate girl.
<3 <3 <3

PS Today was also Children's Day in Korea and all the little kids were also out with their families having a great time.


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