Thursday, July 12, 2012

Letter to My Friends, Where Ever You May Be

Hello friend,

Maybe it's been awhile since we last talked, maybe it was just last night but I'm thinking of you. We had some good times together, made some wonderful memories. I enjoy sitting back and reminiscing about you and our time together often. Sadly, right now we are apart and I miss you. Sure we have Facebook and Skype, cell phones and letters, but I miss us being physically together; laughing, fighting, cuddling on the couch or dancing in the streets. I miss our conversations, not the ones we have through messengers but the ones where I can look into your eyes and see you smile, frown, or that look you give me as if to say, "Seriously Ashley?"

I blame myself for us being apart. My lifestyle means constant moving and every place I go I meet new wonderful people who change my life, for better or worse. Yet, the day always comes when either you or I must leave and we must say goodbye. I hate goodbyes, they are always too emotional and too long and I feel like I say them too often.

Maybe I could of stayed home with you or not of left home and never of met you. No that's stupid. If I stayed home I would have been bored and I'm glad I met you. I just wish we were together right now and I didn't have to miss you. Alas, it is not so and both of us now are leading (hopefully) exciting lives with other friends we have made. We try to keep in touch as often as possible but let's face it, proximity matters.

So my dear friend, I hope all is well and you are living the life you want and fulfilling the dreams you made. Know that I think about you often and I hope you don't forget me.
Keep in touch yeah?

~Ashley 민지 Rose Ewraabena Guerrero



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