Monday, July 30, 2012

Saying Goodbye: Memory Lane

In three days 95% of my friends in Korea will be gone. Fuck. This is one of the greatest downsides to living abroad, no one stays in place. I can't even describe how much I'm going to miss these people, we all came together through the TaLK Program a year ago and I guess everyone decided a year was enough. These people were my support network in Korea, the closest thing I (or any of us) had to family. We traveled, drank, talked late into the night, and got into trouble together. We explored this country collecting a vast amount of experiences on the way. 

Back in the beginning when my co-blogger David was still around.
I had similar thoughts back then as I do now...

My bestie Monica, we had too many adventures together but this is from our PB&J Weekend you know I still haven't had a peanut and jelly sandwich since?

The Original Crew in it's entirety celebrating Halloween <3

The Dae Girls/my big sisters, they took care of me through the good and bad times.

Our Lunar New Year trip had so many great memories it was hard to condense in a blog post but these is the best one caught on film! (Luckily, the girl we sang this to, Deanne, is one of the few who are staying back with me. :D)
Shark Diving in Busan!!
Jeju  with Ian, one of my few close guy friends in Korea. I would of never really explored that island if it wasn't for him. He also wrote about his experience here.

NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS! Everyone in this picture is staying in Korea! So I  will still have friends. (Well except for Jason [back right], he was suppose to stay but ended up leaving a few months ago *sadface*)

I will miss my people greatly but I know we all have to move on with our lives and follow our dreams... Or even just go back home where things make a bit more sense. I will miss these people greatly and here's to keeping in touch and hopefully seeing each other again. <3

PS I dedicate this song to all of you...



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