Sunday, September 29, 2013

Playing Ingress in South Korea

Hey ya'll!
So I have this addiction called Ingress.

Cool right? Ingress is a game created by Niantic Labs, a start up from within Google. It's am augmented reality mass multiplayer game that takes place all over the world. Unfortunately, this game is only for Android users (sorry those of you with iphone) and the game is not officially in South Korea and for some reason (does anyone know why?) you can't download it on to Korean smart phones (even if they are Android).

Now I can't help those of you with iphones (if anyone knows how please let me know) but I have figured out how to play Ingress here on an Android phone. It's slightly annoying but well worth it for such an awesome game.

How to Get Ingress on Your South Korean Android Phone

UPDATE: You can now download it from the Google Play store normally and after December 14, 2013 you won't need an invite (if you want an invite before then please email me). So basically this blog post has been rendered useless. HOORAY! 
  1. Go to to request an invite
  2. Once you have an invite go to and create a log in (if we are friends you can use mine)
    1. Note: I was really worried about signing up and downloading from this site at first but in the many months I've been using it I haven't had a problem yet. ^_^
  3. Search for Ingress or just click here
  4. Download Ingress, save it on your computer. 
    1. Note: It would be easier to do this directly from your phone but I've never been able to manage this. 
  5. Add the file as an attachment then email yourself.
    1. Note: If you use Gmail like I do some of the files are larger than 25MB and therefore can't be sent directly. NO WORRIES! Gmail will automatically download it to your Google Drive and you can pick it up there. 
  6. Lastly, open the email from your phone and download it.
Simple right? Here are the basics on how to actually play the game 

Any Question? I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing more people in South Korea (particularly my area). Can't wait to play with you! ^_^

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