Tuesday, November 12, 2013

5flags [begins]

LAST FRIDAY,three Canadian expats in Korea, Steve, Alex and a weirdo who calls himself the flying fish cycled to Gyeonggi province, home of Seoul, the 11th most populated city on earth and home of the world's biggest theme park

GET THIS. They left from a charming coastal rural town one hundred and seventy-seven kilometers (roughly a hundred and ten miles) away from Seoul thinking they could get to their destination in less than three days with next to no training.

Their friends tried to talk them out of it, but it was no use. Steve and Alex were sold on the idea. The flying fish just kept repeating the phrase: "Anything is possible."  They had no idea how true that would be.

This Odyssey brought these three odd adventurers over mountains, across bridges, through orchards, inside dark tunnels, into an unrelenting storm and straight down into the seedy underworld of rural Korea. At times they feared for their sanity. At times they truly felt alive.

This is their story. STAY TUNED.

first episode

From hopeful beginnings to being chased by police, diverted to the middle of nowhere and winding up at a house of ill-repute, nothing seems to turn out right... but anything is possible!



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