Saturday, December 14, 2013

Photos of Gunsan University

   Gunsan National University, where Ashley teach and I study, not necessarily at the same time.
   It was a bit of an underdeveloped kind of school when I first came in at 2007. I remember it was rather plane beside construction sites everywhere and there were fences around the perimeter. Now there's more theme park kind of atmosphere and newer buildings coming up from all over the school. It's pretty much responding to the rest of the city.
   Ashley and I lived in this area for the last couple of years, more or less. We also have about a month or two left before we have to move out. I still have another year or less to study here.
   I was heading home after a final exam and there was a heavy snow. It was brief one, but enough to leave some piles. So I did a quick walk around.

Choose your path!

Footprints, proof that there are people in this University, unlike the rest of my photo.

Occational military officer trainees walking around with their office/classrooms within the school.

An artsy attempt. This use to be a small cafe, currently vacated and moved to a library.

Another artsy attempt.

School main road view toward the main entrance.

I think this is romantic. I'm cheap like that.


A selfie. Don't I look happy? Look at that smile.
And a white tiger hoodie, if you are highly imaginative or hallucinative.



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