Sunday, December 7, 2014

Korea Burn 2013

Who's going to Korea Burn 2014: Elements? We might not get the chance, but we did go last year, and it sure was something.

The theme of last year's Burning Man festival in Korea (KoreaBurn) was FLOW. GPWT traveled there with Sea-Saw Shisha by the Sea Shore, an exhibition for inhaling the good times, exhaling the bad vibes, and keeping it all in balance. Our group's theme camp was a giant chill-out tent with hookas generously supplied by Aladdin's Lamb and a homemade see-saw called stable enough. Here's what GPWT thought about the affair.


Love, love, love... I am flabbergasted by the amount of love that was in the air at Korea Burn. Before we get into the event itself I want to give a bit of background info on the event.

Korea Burn is a spin off event of Burning Man held in Nevada. This was only the second year it's been held but from what I understand, its been improved on greatly. Both Burning Man and Korea Burn are held to Ten Principles: 
1. Radical Inclusion - Everyone is invited
2. Gifting - The joy of giving (and the ability to receive without having to pay back)
3. Decommodification - NO MONEY! No ads, no sponsorships. Period.  
4. Radical Self-reliance - You can do it yourself. Find, use & strength your inner resources.
5. Radical Self-expression - Be yourself without fear of judgement, no one will stop you but yourself. 6. Communal Effort - We is greater than I! Work together to create something bigger than ourselves.
7. Civic Responsibility - No breaking the law. Take care of each other. 
8. Leaving No Trace - Mother Earth provides us everything we need, don't pay her back with moop (trash)
9. Participation - Don't just watch, join us!
10. Immediacy - Live in the moment for what else is there but now? 
Honestly I believe we should live our lives in this way, and with such a supportive community at Korea Burn it was easy to get lost in the freedom, acceptance, and love everyone had. This was my first Burn so I banged the traditional gong and was told, "Welcome Home"

Those words couldn't have been truer.


Whoa, what? You mean that wasn't just a crazy dream? Dang, now I have to go and recollect my thoughts on this one. I remember seeing jellyfish people, shoe jousting, a wandering mystic offering salvation, a pen full of upright-walking, talking animals and a giant creature with one big eye who I called a cyclops, but he corrected me, "Ahem, I am an observer."

We had a solid group: eight teachers, a multimedia pro and a DJ. We rolled in and set up camp right before a massive deluge swept through. That's right. We got SOAKED. In the afternoon, however, and for the rest of the weekend, we enjoyed sun, fun and some serious see-saw shisha action. DJ Tek stayed awake for the whole weekend. The rest of us, however, found a little time for sleep.

But I've left out the best part: the BURN! At night the poi dancers were out in full force (watch the video!) and this year's burning man statue, one side with arms up and another with arms down, was obliterated much more quickly than last year's. We were even able to do our own burn! While the mural was being incinerated, we added the see-saw to the mix.

With the man we burn all that which is keeping us down, and keeping us from loving ourselves, each other and the world we live in.

Happy burn, Korea!

Love, Leif.


Here's the Burning Man Festival through my eyes:


The Global Pedestrians.



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