Thursday, December 4, 2014

Weekly photo: Fire Magic

That man has a fireball in his hand and that means he's a wizard.
Tour Guide - 'Burning Man' is a popular event among a lot of colorful people. It's also a pretty big show in the United States as well. Happens once a year and lasts about 3 days. You'll find thousands of people collaborating their artistic talents. Awe-inspiring, beautiful, soothing, fun and whatever else people prepare for it, it's there and it's great. (Not exactly sure what it originally meant, however. Little lazy in my research department. But I don't care. It's great as it is.) Korea does this as well for the people who's living or visiting Korea. It's called 'Korea Burn' and it's become quite an international event because there's quite a variety of foreigners that visit Korea nowdays. The date of the event was at 13th to 15th of September in 2013. I heard it already passed at around July for this year 2014. Nonetheless, it's in the summer. If you happen to be alive during the summer next year and want to see a wizard or two, a fairy, elves, a rocket man and a naked female Ironman pouring hot sauce on her chest, this is the right place. And don't forget to mingle with the random people around the enormous fire.

Young-Gun Park

Young-Gun Park has been studying various forms of visual arts for more than a decade and has been involved in various community arts projects. He has been a writer and photographer for GPTWT for more than a year. His future portfolio projects include work in cinematography and graphic novels. Read more.


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