Thursday, December 4, 2014

Weekly Photo: Big Door

Big door with Brianne taking a picture of it. She uses much more advanced technology than my camera.
   Tour Guide -    The area is called Bakjae Land. That door leads to a town of traditional style buildings. You need a ticket, but it's not too expensive.    Whoever had the money to build these things (presumably Lotte) also built another museum, a lake, very expensive looking resort, a theater that plays traditional Korean musical shows every saturday during the season and a shopping mall called Lotte Outlet. That's a lot of big shiny stuff in the middle of nowhere and, surprisingly, it's attracted a lot of customers already. Maybe it's like Everland, but less Disney Land and more traditionally Korean.    The place is just a river north of Buyeo County.

Young-Gun Park

Young-Gun Park has been studying various forms of visual arts for more than a decade and has been involved in various community arts projects. He has been a writer and photographer for GPTWT for more than a year. His future portfolio projects include work in cinematography and graphic novels. Read more.


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