Thursday, December 4, 2014

Weekly Photo : Gimje Festival

Amazing dragon sculptures at the Gimje festival made entirely out of paperclips.
Just kidding.
Tour Guide: Gimje's horizon festival or jipyeongseon, is renowned for several events, including contests for art and samulnori, a percussive orchestra comprised of several members who each play one of the four drums: kkwaenggwari, jing, janggu and buk. While you're there you can enjoy Korean wrestling (sireum), a parade, performances and more. There you can also get an up-close view of true Korean hinterland agriculture by observing traditional methods of farming. And there's a tug-o'-war. When: October 1st-5th How to get there: To get to Gimje from Seoul,  take a taxi, train or bus. From there, find Sinnyong-ri (신용리), Buryang-myeon (부량면), at the centre of Byeokgolje (벽골제). The tourist hotline is +82-2-1330, and is accessible in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. If I ever get too lost, I just write down the Hangul phrases and show them to a taxi driver (택시 기사, taxi-keesah). Other weird stuff you can see that I've never heard of before  (courtesy of the visitkorea website): Byeokgolje rituals Double Dragon Play Human cultural assets performance Rice harvesting performance Horizon Rice Distribution & Life Farming Exhibitions Danyanang Doll Theater So have fun. But watch out for dragons!

Young-Gun Park

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