Monday, July 18, 2011

Cultural Immersion: Ghana vs. Korea

Who am I without the tapestry of my family, friends, work, and possessions tightly woven around me? In the midst of so much hubbub, I felt entirely alone. Without my music, my food, my language, MY obligations, I hardly new who I was.
I felt like a button that had fallen off.”
~Meg Wirth from Muddy Waters in Borneo

This quote reminds me of my time in Ghana and the alienation I went through. Now as I look forward to Korea I wonder how similar, how different, it’s going to be. In Ghana at least everyone spoke English yet due to my skin color I stuck out like a sore thumb. In Korea there is going to be an intense language barrier yet due to my coloring I could vaguely pass as a local (or at least get by without being noticed). I can relate to Wirth’s identity issues in another country, I’ve been through it before, but how is it going to change with Korea? I won’t be entirely alone this time (I’ll have my friend David), it’s a different country with different customs and I’m a different person.

In conclusion this is going to be: different.

I cant wait! :D



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