Saturday, August 6, 2011

Today's the Day!

It's my last day in America, I leave tonight at 12:20 on a 12 hours and 40 minute flight to my new home in Korea.

I'm getting tired of the question "Are you excited?" in truth it's such a complicated answer when all the questioner really wants is a simple "YES! :D" I am excited yet scared. David explained it perfectly in his last post. We know nothing of the language (although I have been working on it!) or culture and we are expected to teach?!

The good news is there is now a facebook group for us 7th Generation TaLK Scholars and through that I have been able to talk to others in the program and even got a group of girls together to start up a knitting club! I feel like its going to be freshman year of college all over again, people desperate to make friends fast yet this time it will be in Korea. O_O

Oh! If you want to send mail to either David or I mark it for our attention and send it to...

Hoyeon Dormitory # 4,
Korea University Sejong Campus,
Jochiwon-Eup, Yeongi-Gun,
Chungnam 339-700,
Republic of Korea.

and in Korean...
충남 연기군 조치원읍 고려대학교 세종캠퍼스 호연학사 4관 우편번호: 339 - 700

PLEASE NOTE: Mail delivered here for our attention AFTER August 25th 2011, the last day of orientation, will not be forwarded. So get it out early! Once we figure it out I'm sure we will notify you of our more permanent address when we get them (but maybe not on this public blog).

So today I make my way past the White Tiger and into Korea. When I get there I will say "Korea, 만나서 반가워요! (Man-na-seo ban-ga-wo-yo!)" or "Korea, pleased to meet you!"


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