Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome Ceremony & Seoul Photo Scavenger Hunt

Ahh Jetlag, making me get up around 5am, why must you be so cruel? It was probably for the better though because we had to be at breakfast by 7 in order to be on time for the buses at 745. I got to see David for the first time at breakfast and DAVID ATE MEAT!! or more specifically spam (he's been a vegetarian since before we met but decided to give it up in order to experience Korean culture more). That was very exciting for me!
I was alittle annoyed about the bus arrangement because I wasn't with anyone I knew but that quickly changed. I sat next to a British girl who is positioned in the same city as me! *win* It was about 2 hours to Seoul and the TaLK Welcome Ceremony and well worth it. Alot of very important people gave speeches (it felt like graduation all over again, slightly inspiring but kinda boring) then the performances began!

And oh the performances! There were 3 groups, the first group was the Rainbow Choir, a collection of multi-ethinic kids ages 5 to 12. Bloody adorable! Next was a girl band specializing in traditional Korean instruments with the addition of an electric violin, they did a pretty awesome rendition of Arirang (unofficial Korean anthem). Lastly the grand finale was a Taekwondo performance group that had at least 30 kids half dancing and half doing martial art sets. It left both David and I feeling, "WHY WEREN'T WE DOING THAT AS KIDS?!"

After the show we were on our way to Scavenger Hunt around Seoul. First our main groups were broken up into teams of 9 or 10 (GROUP 2 TEAM 3 Represent!) and then given a list of things we need to find and take pictures together by. Just to make it more challenging it was pouring most of the time, we got soaked!! Now if you know me you know that one of the worst things to me is a boring picture. So I convinced my teammates to do some fun stuff! check it out!

Group 2 Team 3 Begins the Hunt!

You know those buildings that have the curved roofs? Well we are trying to recreate those with our bodies, kinda work?
We are in Korea and what do we do? Have lunch at a Japanese restaurant O_O? oh well, it was good food!



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