Friday, September 9, 2011

David(DA) Random things.

Number of children I made cry. First day of teaching: 2 Second day: 0. Improvement! (I haven't had a single crier since my first day, but one kids played dead in the back of the classroom and refused to move.)

The kids continue to pet me in wonder pretty much any time I move my arms close to them.
Although I hear the alternative is pulling, so I'm sort of okay with it.

I've heard Jincheon has some of the lowest scoring students in Korea, and in this region, my school is thought to be bad. So, a lot of room for improvement!

My living situation is uniquely awesome. There are a total of 7 TaLK scholars in our building in Jincheon (U.N. Village), as well as a whole bunch of Epik people; it comes out to about 20 English teachers in this building. My room is small, but mine, and certainly adequate. There is also awesome rooftop access, which myself and the homies make use of pretty much every night, either for work or recreation. Jincheon is 60-70,000 people, which is tiny for Korea, but not really so small, especially considering Korea does not do suburbs. The "town" is very centralized, we're maybe 100 meters from down town, and it's got more to offer than one would expect. Shout out to my Jincheon homies! (I wonder if any of you read this?).

You'd think with so many spiders, there would be fewer mosquitoes.

I've been cooking for myself like I did in college. Thankfully, the ramen is better in Korea.

Apparently, it is illegal to publicly say anything positive about North Korea. Which I did not expect...

All the urinals in Korea start flushing before you start peeing. At first it was disconcerting, but now I find it sort of encouraging. "Yes, pee in me!"
I was on a bus, half asleep, half looking out the window, when I jolt awake. Swastika flag. Then, I remember where I am, and calm down. Silly Buddhists.

Apparently, so long as its under 125cc, you can pretty much just buy a motorcycle and ride it, no paper work of any kind necessary. So, thinking about that...
The temperature jumped from needing more air conditioning to being convinced the air con is on, because how else could it be this cold? in a single weekend. I guess California had me spoiled?


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  1. it really sounds like youre enjoying yourself. im happy for you.