Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AG: All Hallow's Eve in Korea

It is so hard to find time to write blog posts! So many cool/interesting/exciting things happen to me everyday but instead of writing about them I deal/live them (I'm pretty sure that's why David never posts). I could treat this blog like my facebook and post random short stories/picture of what's happening but I feel like blogs are suppose to be this in depth written thing. What do you guys think? Would a bunch of little posts be more interesting or annoying?

Anyways HALLOWEEN IN KOREA! doesn't really exist. They just don't celebrate it and my students really only understand it as "make masks and get candy" day. Oh well, my students and co-teacher had a lot of fun with it!

All of us foreigners on the other hand could not just let Halloween slip by like it was nothing, we had to have an epic party! So the lovely Sara decided to throw it at her house in Jeonju and boy did it turn out to be a Wonderland! Her and the amazing Deanne put up Alice in Wonderland decorations (Sara was Alice) and made an assortment of candied goodies for the party. People came dressed to impress with some awesome costumes and both scared and confused the local Koreans.

Such a crazy night! Running around different parts of Jeonju all dressed up in crazy Halloween costumes was super fun! Also if you couldn't figure it out, I was Little Red Riding Hood (^_^)V

So that was Saturday night but Halloween itself this year feel on a Monday. So I dress up as 선생 Little Red, fill up my basket with hidden candy and head to school. I told my students to wear their masks and my little ones did for my first class and we had a good time. I have an hour break between my first and second class so at the end of the break I'm ready to do my Halloween lesson again and NOPE! My next two classes were cancelled and I went to the library for a formal celebration with the school staff and parents. IT WAS SO WEIRD!! but totally interestingly awesome! 

It started off with lots and lots and lots of singing in Korean (16 pages of sheet music that I just couldn't read) while the vice principle played guitar. Then some videos of pretty pictures and songs call concerning Fall (Apparently Oct. 31 is a day to spend with your lover because fall conditions are perfect O_O) then some videos honoring the two youngest full time teachers at the school. Remember this is all in Korean so I could be very wrong. Then we got to snack and drink wine while the Principle sang the "Roses" song and every time he called a girls names she would come up and he would pull a rose out of is jacket and give it to her. So freaking cute! Well there were a lot of speeches and more singing but overall it was a fun time. It was weird, I felt like a def person because I had no idea what was going on audibly just visually. Every once in awhile I would hear or see a word I recognized and get excited but I just felt like the def kid the rest of the time. 
At the end I was given a bottle of wine which I took to all you can eat sushi (Korean style) bar hopping and noribong for my Korean friend Allen's birthday.
A GREAT Halloween!!! 



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