Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving in Korea (& Bird Festival)

So the weekend before Thanksgiving a bunch of foreigners got together and organized a Thanksgiving dinner in Jeonju. It was either make your own non-Korean dish or pay 10,000 won (about $10), I don't cook so money it was. I went with my partner in crime Monica, Kristina (a Canadian English prof at Gunsan Uni) and Johnnie, an Air Force policeman. It was Awesome. As soon as we got there a guy named Matt joined our little group and him and Johnnie were just a hoot! Cracking jokes, laughing loudly and forcing everyone around them to smile and be merry. There was an abundance of good food (I even got leftovers!!), great people, and fun times!
Me, Matt, Johnnie & Monica
Photo by Will Thomas
Ok at the risk of sounding racist I want to make a comment about the ethnic makeup of the party. Every color of skin was there and it was beautiful with a large portion being Black! I miss Black people. I'm sure that makes me sounds horrible but it't the truth! I really enjoy the cultural ideals I find in them, especially the emphasis on dancing. After the official end of the party a bunch of the girls and I turned the place into a dance party. With not a drop of alcohol consumed we got down and shaked what our mommas gave us starting with the Electric Slide and doing every other hip-hop dance there was (Walk it Out, Cupid Shuffle, The Jerk, etc.). Loved it! And I also met people from Ghana!! How randomly Awesome is my life? Very. :D
Breaking it Down
Photo by Will Thomas
The next day was the Bird Festival, Gunsan's only festival so of course we (me, Monica, and Kristina) had to go check it out. It was fun! Ate lots of festival food, Monica found Ecuadorian people who had a booth and chatted them up, and learned alot about the migratory birds that come through Gunsan this time every year.
My bird was actually a guy who asked me where I was from then proceeded to try and skip off with me. I laughed so hard!
 A good alcohol free weekend was had. That's a rarity for me in Korea. :P

Update: I forgot to mention for the Thanksgiving dinner there were performances! This one was my favorite!



  1. Just to let you know Gunsan has a lot more festivals than 1 Bird festival, there's the 2 week cherry blossom festival, the life long education expo, the teen cultural festival, the airshow festival, the English festival, the saemangeum festival, to name but a few, i also believe there is a literally festival

  2. Ok I actually went to the airshow but didn't realize it was an official festival. and I did hear about the English festival. the rest I had no idea about, I thought this was Gunsan's big thing.

    Thanks! good to know. the cherry blossom festival is something i would really want to go to actually.