Thursday, December 22, 2011


So I just added a Twitter to this blog page so I can do little updates as little things happen. Have a twitter? Follow me @PastTheTiger  OK! on to the blog post...

Honestly I'm going to die young if I keep up this life style. Between my Just Say Yes and Monica's Make it Happen we don't ever stop. Also because of this life style I have no time to post. So, RECAP

So about three weeks ago (Frida) we had a girl's night in Atown and it was awesome. The only problem is I had a job interview the next morning. Even hungover NAILED IT! HAHA!

Saturday after the interview went to a Henna party and got all tatted up, then went to a Hafla to preform some spoken word pieces. Then partied again. Tis my life here.

Next day woke up super late and did a photo shoot with the lovely Deannne. We think the same and hopefully it turned out awesome (still haven't seen the pictures yet)

It's now Monday and instead of going to work like a good girl the TaLK program takes all of us TaLK teachers and our mentor teachers to Jeju!! The Hawaii of Korea. Sweet!

TaLK paid for everything in Jeju and it was top of the line. Large dorms, expensive meals, shows, museums, the works. We even went to the Love Museum which was...Pornographic to say the very very very least. It was an Amazing time spent with my TaLK family, at night we would party and even our bosses would join in the madness. I loved spending time with my TaLK family because they are the closest thing I got to family here. But, as always, it was too short.

So 3 days in Jeju, 2 days of work and its the weekend again! This time Monica and I met up with our friend Johnnie (remember him from Thanksgiving?) and he took us out to the other Air Force town in South Korea Osan! We shopped (and haggled!!!), ate amazing food, the 3 of us got mani/pedis, explored, made friends with locals and went home all in about 24 hours. :D

Needless to stay I've having a BLAST here! and guess where I am going for the Holidays? SINGAPORE!


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