Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jeonju & Seoul

For goodness sake why is it so hard to keep this blog updated? So many things happen and I just don't find the time to write posts on them. Lucky for you guys though I at least try with my blog, I'm pretty sure my journal right now is a few months behind and I'm never going to update it properly. Oh wells, here I go...

Gunsan, Jeonju & Seoul all in 12 hours...
It's Friday, I get back from work at 630pm and by 8 Sarah, Monica & I are on a bus to Jeonju to party with our friend Jimin for his 21st birthday. We meet up with other Sara and while doing our make-up kiss the back for his birthday card. When we meet up with the boys we turn the card into a game, which kiss print belongs to which girl. Mind you, Jimin was already shwaisted at this point so him and the boys had a blast trying to figure the riddle out. Randomly in the middle of the night, without warning he gets it perfectly. O_O! Love that kid. So we party till around 4am then Monica and I decide it's time to go to Seoul. Still drunk, we pick up the 530am bus and then pass out as soon as we sit down. We get to Seoul a little before 8am; 3 not close to each other cities in 12 hours...CHECK!

So we head to our favorite part of Seoul, Hongdae, and meet up with our favorite brits Benji and Jack at their hostel. They had a late night as well so we say hi and then pass out on the open bunk beds above them. When the crew finally wakes up we grab some breakfast/lunch and head to [I totally forgot the name but some subway station] for some shopping. Monica and I made a killing by never ever leaving the underground subway station. For some reason subway shopping in Seoul is the best/one of the cheapest and we may not have been in America but we definitely got out Black Friday shopping done at the same time you Americans did.

Next we decided to be real tourists and visit Seoul Tower at night. It was breath taking! Seoul was super lit up at night and there were signs on the glass saying what direction and how far major cities were. I found Los Angeles and stared off for a little bit in that direction. Not going to lie I missed my loved ones desperately at that moment.
turtle neck about $5, coat about $15, being able to know the direction of your loved ones Priceless <3
The Crew
At this point Monica and I are dying from lack of sleep and Jack is most definitely getting sick, I wanted to call it quits and have an easy night but nooooo the sick one wants to party it up. Remember my Just Say Yes post? Well keeping with the tradition we went out and partied despite our exhaustion and had a really good time. Us girls headed back to the hostel around 3am with a bottle of wine which we shared with the guys who worked there and spoke no English, then hit the hay around 4am.

Next day we all got up around noon, said goodbye to the guys, got Mexican food for lunch (YUM) and headed home for some much needed sleep. 


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