Saturday, March 10, 2012

Japan Part 1: What Else Could Possibly Go Wrong?!

                I came back from Japan a little over a week ago and I have just now recovered enough to write about it. In my last post I was on a plane for Korea and when I finally got here I only had two days to recover before I headed off to Japan. Even before the start of the trip things kept going wrong, here’s the story.
                Monica, Zyna and I decided to save some money and take a bus to the bus terminal (we usually cab it). On the ride I’m being a little egotist and showing off my extremely full passport to Zyna, Monica sees this and realizes she left her’s at home. Shit, we are half way to the terminal. Oh well, get off, catch a cab home then a cab to the terminal to catch our bus in time. For once my ego has come in handy.
                We get to Jeonju to meet up with the fourth girl on our trip, Sara (for her POV click here), and catch a bus to Busan with no difficulties. The plan was to sleep at the Busan Airport and then catch our morning flight to Japan, simple right? So we get in, get dinner and play around in Busan a bit. Find an adorable King Kong Café where the owner spoke perfect English and gave us free chocolates while we had our drinks and when we left. Zyna and Monica had given up chocolate for lent but said they wouldn’t practice lent in Japan (didn’t want to deny themselves of new experiences) and so we decided to save a chocolate each and wait till we were over Japan to eat them together. <3
note the elbow, yeah we walked around like that :P
                After the café it’s starting to get late so we decide to make our way to the airport. Now there is an inside joke between Monica, Sara and I. We do this ->
It’s an inside joke, it’s not suppose to make sense. So while Sara is buying a subway ticket Monica and I get Zyna to do this while waiting for her. While this happens a pair of drunk Koreans see us and think it’s the funniest thing in the world. We laugh with them and part ways. We see them again in the subway and do the arm thing again. They now think we are completely insane and have been doing this for the last 10 minutes straight but that’s ok because they gave us a box of a popular Japanese dish that was very yummy. It was sweet.
                   We get to the airport and something is wrong. NO ONE WAS THERE! I don’t think I’ve ever seen an airport so empty in my life. Lights off, doors lock, Shhhiiiiiii we have now have nowhere to sleep. So we head back to the populated part of Busan and discuss what to do. We can’t afford a hotel/motel, Monica and Zyna don’t want to Jimilbang it…as we were walking we come across a 24 hour McDonalds. Perfect. So we find a comfortable table, buy some coffee and begin out long vigil into the night.
                Thank god we are young because staying up all night at a McDonalds with nothing to do but drink coffee, eat fattening foods and watch drunk Koreans is a strain. I passed out for about an hour on the table and when I woke up the girls had gone crazy on me. I see the table littered with coffee and tea cups and all of them wired with twitchy legs and wide eyes. Oh god why would anyone do that to themselves without a paper to write or test to study for?! Finally 6am came and after around 6 ½ hours in the McDonalds we could leave and head to the airport.

                The airport is a haze in my mind, we were all so sleep deprived it was difficult of function. I remember not seeing a place for us to check in yet and waiting for it. When it never showed up we tried to get some real food and had some confusion with that. Finally we found the place to check in and I asked Sara if I could put a lighter in her check in bag (Idk why I had a lighter) and she said of course and we got our tickets and went through security and immigrations. Finally we get to the gate two hours early and pass out on the seats. Cute huh? We were all so dead it’s amazing that Sara actually heard them call her name over the loudspeakers. Mo? (What?) She goes up and they give her a talking to, apparently you can’t have lighters in your bags. WOOPS! My bad. Sorry for the scare girly. -_-

                Finally we get on the plane and we have takeoff! After takeoff we smell food! YES a really meal that’s free and not McDonalds! Ok, maybe everything will work out and this trip will be awesome. “Ladies and Gentleman, we are almost to our destination, please prepare for landing.” We’ve finally made it! Everyone smiles at each other and eats their chocolate.



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