Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy White Day!!

Yesterday one of my adult male students who speaks the least English (and is the youngest at 21) asked me if I liked lollipops and said he would bring me one tomorrow.

Awww how cut-OhShitThatMeansWhiteDay!
Well at least I now know someone is getting me something for White Day.

About White Day

So Remember Pepero Day? This is yet another Korean romantic holiday where the guy get's the girl presents (usually candy). I didn't post about Valentines day because I was in America but here in Korea the girl is suppose to get the guy something (usually chocolate). White Day was created in Japan 1978 as a response to Valentines Day.

My students are amazing and got me all this candy. My favorite is the origami flower to the left. Oh and the guys who said he would get me a lollipop? He got my a bouquet of them (all of them in the cup).

I had an awesome first White Day! :D


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