Thursday, May 31, 2012

Buddha's Birthday Weekend Adventure

What a CRAZY weekend! Not sure where to start so I'm going to just start typing and see where it takes me.

Friday night my two best friends (Monica and Deanne) and I went to Atown and got plastered. Monica didn't feel like drinking and Deanne is a super lightweight so I ended up carrying the group. Bad call. On my way home I managed to lose my wallet (first time ever!) which made it so Monica and I couldn't got to Daegu as planned. Instead spent Saturday recovering from the hangover, getting the top of our ears pieced and visiting a Dvd bang (little rooms where you can watch movies) for the first time.

Sunday, we woke up super early, met up with our friend (/Monica's love interest) 해민 (pronounced Hae-min) and caught a bus to Daegu (4 hour ride). From Daegu we hopped on a train to Gumi to visit our buddy Tony in the hospital (he got destroyed by a motorcycle accident here in Korea) and then came back to Daegu to explore a bit. There we met up with our friend Sabrina and her partner Bella. At first I thought Bella was a foreigner but she's probably one of the coolest Koreans I've met. In Daegu we all decided to buy matching couple's shirts and proceeded to freak out all the Koreans who saw us with them. Not only was there 5 of us, each couple had a Korean partner (many older Koreans look down on interracial couples), one couple was gay (another big no no in Korea), and then there was me (who was wearing the same EXACT outfit as Monica, down to the shoes). Poor Koreans probably had a heart attack when they saw us walking around.

Around 11pm we caught a bus to Ulsan and then ran around til about 3am finding a beautiful temple decorated with lanterns for Buddha's birthday. It was incredible, hundreds of lanterns and lantern statues all lit up. At this point in the night I was feeling pretty lonely (stupid friends and their stupid amazing korean love interests, I WANT ONE, WHERE'S MINE?!) so I took the opportunity to meditate. Everyone was off being cute so I had some quite time to just sit and breath, I let go of most of the feelings of loneliness and jealousy and was able to somewhat balance myself out again. While I was doing this an older Korean lady passed by me twice. The first time I'm assuming she told me to go do that inside the temple with everyone else (I wish I spoke Korean) and the second time she said something really nice (don't know what but that's the feeling I got). This made my night.

Monday (Buddha's Birthday/a day off) we wake up at a jimjilbang starving, find a Pho place, take pictures with a random man with an epic moustache (sadly pictures didnt come out) then explored Ulsan a bit. Once we got to the bus terminal to go home EVERYTHING WAS SOLD OUT! We had to go back to Daegu first before we could go home. To make a long story short, we got on our first bus at 2:30pm and I didn't get home til 10:30. It was a very long travel day.



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