Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Swimming with the Sharks!

Hey you guys! So about a month ago I had a week vacation so I decided to stay in country and explore a bit.

First off was shark diving with the beautiful Monica for her birthday! Check out this video.
It was a blast! neither of us had ever scuba dived before and the instructor was this really sarcastic Canadian guy who kept things pretty entertaining. 
All the diving students

Yeah Monica & I are cool

walking was much like how I imagine walking on the moon would be

We were the main attraction! 

Swimming with Sharks!

I was trying to take a picture and this Grouper swam up behind me and almost took me out!

I believe my bangs were trying to look like a shark fin in order to blend in :P
We had too much fun!
After this I said goodbye to Monica and travel to north east Korea to visit my friends Sabrina and Ian in Andong and Yeongju respectively. Then went to Jeonju with a bunch of my other friends to take very Asian looking pictures
Many good times were had. <3


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