Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Five (7) Words You Need to Know When Visiting Korea

So my mother is coming to Korea on Saturday for a little more than three weeks (guess who is super excited?!) and only knows two words in Korean. I made this video for her.

Mom you already know:
Hello - 안녕하세요 - An-young-ha-se-yo
Thank you - 감사합니다 - Kam-sa-ni-da

In this video you learn
(It's) Good - 좋아요 - Jo-a-yo
(It's) Bad - 나빠요 - Na-pa-yo
Don't want- 싫어요- Shi-a-ya
Want/please- 주세요 - Chu-sey-yo
Delicious- 맛있어요 - Ma-shi-so-yo

For all of these you can subtract the "요 or yo" to make it less formal (well kinda, lets just stick with formal for now shall we?)

I hope you find this useful! Can't wait to see you mom!!!!!!!
Edit: Apparently I mispronounced mashisseoyo in the video. Sorry!


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