Monday, October 1, 2012

Prom in South Korea

The “Just say yes” philosophy gets me into all sorts of trouble/fun. Two weeks ago I was asked by a guy I had met in passing once to go to prom.  He had a girlfriend but she was working that night and he didn’t want to go without a date. When I met him he seemed like a nice guy, faithful to his lady, and able to have a good time so. Sure! Why not? I love random experiences.

So the game plan was, meet in Suwon and start drinking. Get on a party bus to Seoul while still drinking. Hop on a boat and party like someone spiked the punch at high school prom! Sounds perfect.

So I jump on a public bus to Suwon. I’ve never been to Suwon before and my prediction of a two hour trip was actually more like four.  Fuuuuuuuuuuu…..k. So I’m running late, texting my date all the apologies. At the rest stop I figured I needed to get food and go pee all while charging my dying phone. Food. Check. Pee. Check. Now where the hell is my phone? I literally left it alone for a minute but that was enough time for someone to pick it up. My heart is racing and I can feel tears threatening to burst out of my eyes. Without a phone I can’t find my party in a city I’ve never been to, plus these smart phones are expensive as hell. Trying not to cry and giving the aujimas the biggest puppy eyes I can manage I explain (in my limited Korean) my situation all the while thinking “What kinda dumbass from LA leaves their expensive ass phone unattended?!” I’m brought to Information, an announcement is made and I have my phone in a minute. My eyes leaked while I bowed lower than I have ever managed to. I give my savior I quick hug and I run to my bus, it’s not till I sit down and breath do I realize I’m shaking. Whew!

 I get to Suwon with only minutes to change into my (sexy) prom dress before we had to load onto the bus (thank goodness I ate). After I was looking classy my date surprised me, a red rose corsage. Dawwww!!!! But no time to be cute! It's on to the bus for drinks and shenanigans!
This is one of the first things I see when I got to the bar in Suwon. This lovely lady ended up being our Prom Queen!
My handsome date Joseph and I (look at those beautiful flowers!)

This Prom was so classy they even gave us lids and straws for our alcohol.
Yeah, I Gangnam Styled on a moving bus, no big deal. I also did a pull up back flip (not pictured). Why? Because I could. 
Yeah, we be sexy. (minus my strap hanging out)
 As you can tell I had a blast which a bunch of new friends (I came in knowing no one but my date and I barely knew him). They are a wild punch I hope to keep in contact with. Unfortunately, a few people drank too much and demanded a bathroom break on the way to Seoul. It was because of this break that we missed the boat. Let me repeat, WE MISSED THE BOAT!

That really sucked but what can you do? Make more friends and take beautiful pictures by the river!

I do want to make a public apology to the photographers at kimchibytes, on the way to the bar from the river I made fun of your cameras for being Nikon. I like to pick fights when I'm drunk but I honestly didn't think you guys would get as pissed as you did. My bad. I will be more respectful next time.  Also, you guys do some great work!

So yeah we went to the bar to play beer pong after missing the boat. My date had to go see his girlfriend so I just made more friends then passed out at a local jimjilbang.

Overall, I'm glad I went. <3


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