Sunday, December 7, 2014

Namhae Island with Adventure Korea: The Beaches

This past weekend a few of us went on an Adventure Korea trip to Darangee Village on Namhae Island. There we experienced its beautiful beaches and famous farming festival. If festivals and/or farms are your thing, check out Nicholas' article (coming soon). What caught me off guard was the beautiful coast line and fun beach activities.

What: Darangee Village Farming Festival and Beach Tour
(more about the Farming Festival coming soon)
When: 3rd weekend in June, annually
How to Get There: Easy. We booked the Farming Festival, Sea Kayaking & Namhae Island Adventure.
Cost: Tickets were originally 99,000 won down to 89,000 won and they included everything from transportation to a homestay. The only things not included were lunch on Saturday and the Sea Kayaking which was an extra 25,000 won.

Adventure Korea picked people up in Seoul, Daejeon Tollgate and Sacheon Bus Terminal. We got on at Sacheon. On Saturday we started off our trip at a pretty pebble beach just outside of Darangee Village. As soon as we got there we threw on life vests and went sea rafting with a local ajushi (middle-aged man) to get a good look at the village from the water. After that, we learned how to catch tiny finish with a cup using just a sea cucumber and our bare hands. Probably the most entertaining thing I've done in a few months. Other beach activities of the day included swimming and cliff diving.

By late afternoon we moved away from the beach and finished off the day with the Farming Festival.

On Sunday, we were given three options: stay at the village and relax, go for a two-hour hike up Mt. Seulhul (about 468 meters high), or head out to another beach for sea kayaking and more beach fun. Obviously, we went to the beach.

The gorgeous sandy beach had three adventure options for us. Christy went sea kayaking, Nicholas choose paddle boarding, and I decided to get some sun and lay out on the sand like the beach bum I wish I was.

Overall, it was much better than I expected it to be. I'd recommend it.


Ashley R Guerrero

Ashley R Guerrero, Editor-in-chief of Getting Past the White Tiger, lives, works and writes in South Korea. Since moving here from California, she has taught for public school and University. She has also been involved in numerous charity projects and currently facilitates a knitting circle. Read more.


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