Saturday, December 6, 2014

Spring in Itaewon

Spring in Korea has become evident over the past two weeks, which ignites my curiosity for traveling and seeing the sights of this beautiful country. So I set out to the big city of Seoul to spend some time in Itaewon. Itaewon is a very popular district for foreigners because they can find familiar items that they've come to appreciate due to the lack of availability in the more remote areas of South Korea.

Consider, for example, hair products and services. As an African-American it is difficult to find proper products and an experienced stylist. A wonderful African woman, Nkem, crossed my path a couple years ago and now she is my sole hair support. Not only is she a gifted stylist, she also listens to me and gives me exactly what I want. Not to mention that she is always on time and remembers her clients after the first meeting. 

Working out of her home, she is located near main street McDonalds just up one of the side streets. 

Now that I was looking great, I was ready to walk around to find more familiar products from home. What do you think of my style?

While meandering along and I began admiring Mother Nature’s first signs of spring. I couldn’t help but notice one of the obvious signs that spring's arrived. If you are in Korea you cannot miss the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom at the beginning of the spring season. These gorgeous blossoms are found throughout the country and can stop even the busiest person in their tracks to take in their beauty. Now it was almost time to meet up with my friend for lunch, so I worked my way to a coffee shop, all the while taking in the beautiful sights and smells of the cherry blossoms.

Itaewon is not only known for its African hair stylists and cherry blossoms. Most foreigners will be able to find stores to buy familiar products from home. There are also restaurants that serve food from all over the world, so you can find everything from Turkish to West African to Brazilian cuisine. On this particular day, my taste buds were craving Mexican cuisine, so my friend and I walked about two blocks away from Hamilton Hotel and discovered a Mexican restaurant called “On the Border”. I had street tacos and a margarita while my friend had fajitas and a daiquiri on the rocks. The food was delicious and the company even better.

All in all the day was a success. I got a new hairstyle, met a friend for some delicious Mexican cuisine and was able to appreciate the coming of spring. 



Jessica is a writer and photographer who has lived and taught in Korea for long enough to earn a black belt in taekwondo. A true global pedestrian, Jessica loves to travel, her sights now set on places as diverse as Rio de Janeiro and Mt. Fuji. Her dream is to open a childcare center. Read more about our staff writers.


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