Tuesday, September 13, 2011

AG: An Eventful Weekend!

First off, people have been complaining that they don't know who is posting what on here even though it says our names at the bottom of each post. So, to prevent confusion, I will start the titles of my post with AG and hopefully David will do the same with DA. Is that easier?

On to the weekend!

This past weekend we celebrated two big events, the Korean national holiday of 추석 (Chuseok) which is much like a Korean Thanksgiving and everyone gets Monday and Tuesday off. AND David's 23rd birthday! An interesting fact back age in Korea. As soon as you are born you are living your first year of life and so are age one. In America I am 22 years old but in Korea I'm 23, I add only one year because my birthday already passed. David was 24 in Korea before his birthday and stayed 24 even after his birthday because you only gain a year after New Years. So, how old are you in Korea?

For the festivities David and our friend Sara came to visit myself and my best friend here Monica to party together for the first time without an Orientation 11pm curfew. And party we did. Before our guests came Momo and I bought David a birthday cake, birthday hat (which he refused to wear -_-*) and plenty of food/drink for the night. I believe we started around 5pm, by dolling up for going out, poor David had to deal with us running around acting girly but he got to go out with three beautiful women so he dealt with it. :P After we met up with my neighbor Sarah and her group of girls (two also from out of town) to go to the Noribong (Korean karaoke). Then after Noribong the other group called it a night while we just refused to go to sleep. We visited the Eunpa Bridge and had deep conversations in the rain while being eaten alive by mosquitoes. Then went back to Momo's place and forced ourselves to stay awake by watching movies and chatting. Why the masochism you may ask? Well we got into our heads "Wouldn't it be great to stay up till sunrise?" and that we did. Around 6am we climbed up to the very top of Momo's roof and looked across Gunsan and welcomed in the gray Chuseok morning. Then of course went home and passed out.

The next day we woke up at 1pm and since it was Chuseok not much was open food wise so the girls came over to my place and we had a make shift lunch of rice, seaweed, tofu, and cereal all out of tupperware. Yeah, we're that classy. After that we decided to go back to Eunpa Bridge and check it out during the day.  It's on a very large man made lake with trees and flowers everywhere, exploring the place was great fun and we ended up walking around for at least 3 hours straight. Overall it was an AMAZING weekend and I was very sad to see David and Sara leave earlier today. I guess I just need to go visit them asap! ...well, as soon as I get a cellphone. :P

Hope you had a good birthday David! ^_^


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