Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Freedom Korea - History Part 2

     Right after liberation from Japan, some who had idea for ideal country educated themselves and pursued their goal relentlessly. Some fought for the original idea of liberation. Some others, they had the idea that communism will bring people of equals and peace. Both of those ideas existed even during the time with Japan, with communism idea mostly formed around near China's border. And while country's crumbling again with confusion and no interferences, their ideas started their physical form quickly and desperately. Country was divided into half, and more good people started dying again, except this time it was just Korea by themselves killing each other and to the extinction of an opposition idea. 
     North Korea was less harassed by Japan and more supported by China and Russia because of the distances in between countries. Strongly militarized North Korea crushed the entire South Korea in merely months. United States and world wide in peace finally started their direct involvement into this conflict. South Korea's complete extermination were coming in days and people were evacuating from Busan city with boats which was the last city left in the corner of the peninsula.

Map of Korean War
Red marks North Korean, Blue marks Alliance and South Korean

     United States claimed the position of strongest country in the world and their push against North Korea was incredibly efficient. As fast as North Korea pushed down, when their supplies were cut off by forces from United States, they were pushed back as fast. And Chinese didn't liked Americans coming too close, and on the ground Chinese had enough forces great enough to keep United States at bay. After bloody and constant push and falling backs, they have decided to draw a line in the middle of peninsula that nobody crosses and make temporary peace because there were way too many casualties from all sides while nobody was getting any benefits. It was mostly a deal in between United States and North Korea. South Korea didn't have power enough to make a better deal. They had to submit.

The Front Line
A movie based on actual event
happened in front line of Korean War.
     Their final negotiation declared there'll be a peace with borders as much as they have claimed then cease fire, in 24 hours. In that last 24 hours lot of people in front lines died to claim most land as possible until the end of that single battle. Many of them are still buried in those mountains.

     Both North and South korea failed to claim their right to have the country as a whole. And even afterward both massacred their own people for fear and control within the unsettling societies, ordered by their own president, sons refusing orders to execute their own parents then that entire family beaten and gunned down together. This has happened in GwangJu city and many who stood up against it died, again.
     North Korea was much worse with their overbalanced military system. Any citizen who refused the rule had no chance of survival. They have successfully brain washed the entire population into slaves and clowns and cannon fodders. Citizens of equal. They met their actualized idea they dreamed of. Many people died and suffering even today. All except for the ones who controls it.

     South Korea, as time passed with their rich Western alliances, they were getting out of their desperation rather quickly, especially after South Korea's volunteer for Vietnam war and United State paid well for it. Tension was eased, people educated, violent was less necessary. However, change of moral was not necessary. Their value of life they knew for half of century was intact and was rather started finding ways to use it for benefits.

     They didn't needed to find a way to earn the Freedom. Because they were getting paid for it.

Downtown, Kunsan (Gunsan), Korea 1970
Photo was also referring U.S. Air Force 6175th Security Police Squadron.
U.S. Air Base in Kunsan dates back to 1938 where Japanese were occupied.
At 1945 U.S. Army then later Air Force first used the base until all U.S. combat
units left Korea at 1949 and North Korea captured it at 1950 in Korean War.
Real use by U.S. military forces started at 1951 and it is active until today.
It has been one of the example of U.S. protecting South Korea's independence
and economical benefit from overseas.




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