Saturday, February 16, 2013

Freedom Korea Part 2

     Korea do have Freedom that has given to everyone but it is considerably limited compare to Western countries and it is known as something of a dangerous idea for some Korean. It is one of the fear of unknown to most Korean. A fear that has also been controlled by few who's using the sense that how most people doesn't know how to control it.
     It is rather childish in some senses that lot of Korean would just go ahead and behave rudely and self destructively whenever they have a chance of Freedom to use. It is the suppression they needed to vent out. It is a lack of experience and knowledge they weren't handed over by others or by themselves.
     And everyone, parents, elder, friends, teachers, media, they're all saying it could be bad as if it is the end of the life should they ever fail. They all have fine examples and glorified stories of failures of rebellions, applying fear to others and their own mind. While examples of the people who turned out to be happy, although they have been mentioned as rebellious as well, are life long hard working, successful in businesses and a very lucky few who's nearly impossible to grasp.
A K-pop band 'Girls Generation'.
One of the idea of what girl should be.
If it weren't for the color of clothes and hairstyle, their
appearance and even personalities are nearly identical.
Pretty much Japanese anime.
     Superstars in media for example. They are grandly over exaggerated while none of their behind the scene was introduced as if they're perfect human beings. Too many people in Korea expected everyone to be so. And when this image of superstar failed with common thing as a relationship problem or revealing themselves without makeups, it broadcasts as a grand failure. This type of expectations from human being and fear filled the mind of the entire population and became the part of the chain that runs the society.
     Media greatly influence any society. And it has been greatly manipulated as superstars themselves, so as the Western style of culture Korea has been adapting. Nobody in Korea believes in different way of life other than suppressed and controlled ones without knowing they're doing it because media refuse to show the reality, that their culture and moral they are building on themselves are a thing only limited to Korea alone and stronger belief in lies of media they are only building the walls around them higher to trap themselves.
     Much as it is a society built by copying other superior examples, lies in media are quite obvious even with evidences only if one manages to see outside of the controlled border.
     Worst of all in their path of success, since they have only minimum individual awareness, they do not believe in success anything much other than success in career and family. It's as if their goal of life is their job itself and unborn kids in 20 years, rather than what they can achieve through what they do for living or what they are right now. And they must have rich bank accounts to be called successful, not in the sense of rich mind. One of the perk being a materialistic culture.




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