Monday, February 18, 2013

Freedom Korea Part 3

School children and military style training.
     Big success needs a big plan. Korean who is older than 30 and considered having a respectful mind tend to command younger to have plans for 10 years ahead minimum, or 50 years ahead. It is supposedly one of few only secured path to be successful in Korea. Some who was very smart and dedicated and lucky may turn out pretty well. However, there are problems in this method they refuse to see. That human can't see a single second ahead counting all variables, not to mention 50 years. And if all Korean are doing exactly the same thing, as they are, what are the odd being successful after beating through such competition against the entire country's population? Beside, it won't be very long before getting bored to do the same thing for 50 years like some machine society wanted them to be, like a slave.
Working their life out. Failure could be traumatizing.
     Result was most of the Korean failing their goal and a big one, then get scared.
     Nobody blames their own method itself, although less than 1% ever succeeded through that method. They blame themselves for being lazy, although they are working way too much harder than average human being should. So they keep push their next generations harder, wish they will be successful. A noble thought with gesture full of stupidity repeatedly.
     But most of them have already came too far to give it all up what they've been building for their lifetime. Freedom has too much risk and too much unknown that a slip could fail it all.
     Freedom to choose what is being successful and turn the tide to their own favor and not played by society, that's one thing you don't see in Korea.
Urban Home
Photo from Dana Felthauser's Photo Blog
Old and new.
    Too much Freedom can be harmful, it is true. For a culture still too young from their latest recovery, it is a very useful tool as it could be a very dangerous weapon. Korea is not without Freedom. But idealistic Freedom, this generation is not prepared for. They are, at least in the sense of material, evolving faster than any other country has ever seen in the entire human history. And there has been a lot of improvements in the matter of Freedom as well. But it is still a generation of people growing up not having enough experiences to get themselves through self choices even when they're adults.
     There will be a time for them to understand what it means to have a Freedom. Someday they will make a mistake with it and learn a lesson from it. And with the right guidance they will know how to wield it properly for their identity. One can't be too careful about it.

     That guy who said "Too much Freedom" for university students lurking around after midnight and sex in dormitories, we all disagreed with him. Isn't that the fun in the collage life?
     But there are lot of gossips about unintended pregnancies, guilty after sex and sue each other for rape after agreed sex, too rough sex without respect of the partner, or just having really bad sex, and they all looking like 13 years old, and all the other Freedom related things that Korean didn't know how to use it properly.
     After all that, in Korea, maybe he was right, for now.




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